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Modish modular lounger armless piece light beige


Modish modular lounger

Fashioned in premium canvas, the Modish is perfect as a single corner sofa for compact spaces including condos, offices and entertainment rooms, and can even swiftly be transformed into a love seat by attaching two singular pieces that will remain intact. The magic behind its immense comfort, light weight and portability lies in the compressed foam technology, allowing you to assemble your sofa under 5 minutes. With no lugging, pushing or lifting necessary, the Modish proves that no space is too little to be posh and comfortable at once. Channel your room’s inner chic with Modish.


*** Compress Foam Technology ***
Simple steps to follow to assemble Modish Sofa.
Assembly Time Required : 5 minutes

  • Material : Canvas
  • Perfect lounge furniture
  • Weight : 45lbs
  • PVC bottom to facilitate cleaning
  • Equipped with clips to be able to attach two Modish sofa’s together to make a sectional love seat
  • Dimensions : 36″(W) x 36″(D) x 24″(H)


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