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Modern furniture store Mikaza Home is located in Old Montreal, serving the entire North America. Mikaza Home specializes in modern furniture made by Canadian furniture manufacturers, custom made and ready-to-ship furniture and lighting fixtures.

Our showroom is displaying customizable modern furniture pieces that are made by Canadian furniture manufacturers, as well as home décor and accent furniture pieces. Apart from all the Furniture stores Dix30, our Canadian made modern furniture is available in different sizes, finishes and colors, to better suit your needs and preferences.

Mikaza Home modern furniture works with the best Canadian furniture manufacturers that are using only high quality materials: genuine leather,  high-performance upholstery fabrics, different types of solid wood, non-ferrous metals, tempered glass.

Apart from all the Furniture stores Dix30, Mikaza Home modern furniture is made for people that value their living environment. They view our product as improving the quality of life and as a reliable investment.

Buying highest quality modern furniture is an investment that also helps to create an atmosphere of luxury at home and prove the high standard of living of our clientele. Over time, superior quiality modern furniture does not lose its value. The beauty of the furniture and its long service always pays off.

Apart from all the Furniture stores Dix30, we are following the trends in the interior design world, as well as creating our own trends, always thinking about functionality of a modern home. Out of all the choice of modern furniture, we will help you find exactly the right pieces that fully reflect your personality and correspond to your requirements.

By buying modern furniture made by Canadian furniture manufacturers at Mikaza Home modern furniture, apart from all the furniture stores Dix30, you are doing your part to help the environment, Canadian workers, and local economies.

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