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Furniture stores Richmond BC

furniture stores Richmond BC

Providing services for entire North America, Mikaza Home specializes in high quality modern furniture made by Canadian furniture manufacturers, both custom and stock pieces. We are focused on keeping unbeatable price-quality ratio that allows our customers furnish their living space with high quality modern furniture without breaking the bank.

Apart from furniture stores Richmond BC, we realize that furniture is one of the main components that creates your home’s character, at the same time providing comfort and serving your needs. If you want to create an individuality for your home, you may need to order few custom furniture pieces that will also fit your space better than ready-made furniture.

Apart from all furniture stores Richmond BC, Mikaza Home offers different options for custom furniture such as different configurations, colors, dimensions and finishes. Custom furniture will always work perfectly with your interior and better meet your needs. Adding custom furniture pieces allow you to be a bit more unconventional, where you can set your own trends instead of following the crowd. Our specialists will help you choose the perfect configuration, color and texture that will match your home’s character.

Apart from furniture stores Richmond BC, Mikaza Home offers modern furniture that is made for people that value their home environment. Acquiring high quality modern furniture is an investment that also creates an atmosphere of luxury and prove the standard of living of our clientele. Superior quality modern furniture does not lose its value with time.

Apart from furniture stores Richmond BC, Mikaza Home works with the top-rated Canadian furniture manufacturers, whose modern equipment, professionalism and the use of high quality materials allow to achieve the greatest results in custom furniture making. Buying modern furniture made by Canadian furniture manufacturers is a contribution to local economies and saving the environment.




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