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Basic high gloss white Tables


The Basic Table collection is as simply styled as it is brilliantly versatile. Available
in white gloss polyurethane, the collection’s true ingenuity lies in its ability to serve any purpose you need. The Basic tables are amazingly practical for entertaining guests, function as a desk or a dining table as well as being an incredible talking point for any interior.


Basic high gloss table

The Basic High gloss table is sleek and modern and it goes well with any space.

Materials: MDF with high gloss anti-scratch finish

Colour: White


Medium –  61″ x 33.5″
Small – 61″ x 20″
Square – 33.5″ x 33.5″
Narrow – 47″ x 16″

bar 40", counter 36", dining 30"


small 20" x 61", medium 33.5" x 61", large 33.5" x 71", square 33.5" x 33.5", narrow 16" x 47", desk 23.5" x 71"

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