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Pandora Italian Marble table


48 x 48 x 30.3

Iron, Italian marble 


Do you recommend sealing the marble?

We recommend the use of placemats and coasters. If you are considering sealant, we do recommend speaking to your local paint or stone professional. Applications and results will vary. The use of sealant may void your warranty, because of this we recommend also speaking first to your local retailer before doing so.

Marble sealers are often assumed to “prevent” stains, but more accurately they help to clog the porous surface which slows down the absorption rate. Please speak with your local retailer to find out if your LH marble item is sealed, polished or raw. Each collection will vary.

Marble being a softer stone is susceptible to stains from acidic liquids such as red wine, tomato juice or lemon juice if left on too long.

What kind of sealant should I consider using?

We recommend you discuss sealant options with your local paint or hardware store professionals. Here are a few marble sealer brands to consider:

  • Stonetech Bulletproof
  • Tuff Duck
  • MORE

How often should I seal my marble?

Depending on how often you use or clean the item, we generally suggest re-sealing the marble once a year. See your local hardware paint store for specific details that relate to your piece of furniture.

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